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Ethics & Environment


Ethics is an important issue in our company. We have guidelines and standards for what we consider to be decent and right for customers, people, products and actions.


We want a healthy and clean world which can be passed on to our children and grandchildren. Thus, our products are manufactured  by environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials only.



We always chose the packing having the least impact on the environment.

Environmental Manual

You can download a short version of our environment manual here. Please contact us if you want us to send you the enlarged version.

Chemistry and Microbiology
Biodegradebal net

Environmental assessment - from cradle to grave - LCA

“From cradle to grave” is a concept and paradigm the objective of which it is closely to examine the entire life cycle of a product and to function as an ideal for designs having the least impact on the environment.

To day, the whole basis of Urn-Care’s culture consists of always looking at the entire impact a product may cause on nature and mankind when we make decisions as to how to design and develop a product.

The main parameters in the assessment of the life cycle of a product are as follows: Reduction – Recycling.